Rabu, 28 Januari 2015

Porsche to Increase Tiger Population in the United States

Ah , because the name of the car Tigers , even memorable title of terror . Imagine , a period in the streets United States would be left many Tigers roam ? Fortunately that is not the animal tiger , but Porsche Macan crossover car that finished the sister of the Porsche Cayenne SUV . The car, named in Indonesian is apparently so much demand in the land of Uncle Sam .

Unfortunately , the list is quite long pivot for the Tigers . The latest news said that consumers have to wait 6 months to get the Porsche Macan their orders . The reason , the Porsche factory production capacity was unable to meet the high interest of consumers .

Porsche - Tiger -2015

Porsche North America claimed that they now increase production capacity , of course, to reduce the duration of the pivot and maintain customer satisfaction and interest . Along with the statement , Tigers diesel version is rumored to be paved in the States later this year .

Launching Porsche Tigers in Indonesia

Since it was first launched globally , Porsche has sent 7241 units of the Tiger . They also have a target to sell 50,000 Tigers until 2018. However Porsche confident enough to claim that these figures could be achieved by 2015 , thanks to high interest and enhanced production capacity .

Well , more and more Tigers roam dong in the United States later .Porsche wallpaper  While Porsche Tiger population increases , what is reportedly a real tiger populations are increasingly rare huh ?

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