Rabu, 28 Januari 2015

Price BMW 2 Active Tourer Sport Leaks , 619 Million Off The Road !

It did not take long for BMW to bring their latest line-up unit . Although not yet officially launched in Indonesia and we have not received an official invitation launch of this car , AutonetMagz 've got the official price of the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer which will soon be launched in Indonesia .

The plan will bring the BMW Indonesia BMW Active Tourer Sports 2 to Indonesia with affordable price in figures 619 million off the road . Variants will be present in Indonesia is 218i variants that are likely to have an engine capacity of 1500 cc 3 -cylinder turbo .

Price - BMW - 2 - active - sports - tourer - Indonesia

The 1500 cc engine is the same engine with the latest generation Mini Cooper engine that has a power of 136 PS or equivalent with engine capacity of 1,800 cc . In Europe , BMW claims the car can reach 100 km / h from rest in just 9.2 seconds.

BMW Active Tourer Sport 2 Seris also will be the first BMW in Indonesia using FWD drive system , it is only natural considering that this car is a 5 seater MPV variant issued by BMW with affordable price .

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer Sport Indonesia

In Indonesia , the BMW wallpaper 2 Series Active Sport Tourer will be faced with the Mercedes - Benz B 200 Sport is priced at 565 million off the road ( based on the price of September 2014 , Mercedes - Benz has not made the update price on their official website ) .

Well, what do you think about the price of the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer Sport that will be present in Indonesia in the near future ? Tell us in the comments , we also attach the latest price list BMW 2015 complete in the image gallery below .

Porsche to Increase Tiger Population in the United States

Ah , because the name of the car Tigers , even memorable title of terror . Imagine , a period in the streets United States would be left many Tigers roam ? Fortunately that is not the animal tiger , but Porsche Macan crossover car that finished the sister of the Porsche Cayenne SUV . The car, named in Indonesian is apparently so much demand in the land of Uncle Sam .

Unfortunately , the list is quite long pivot for the Tigers . The latest news said that consumers have to wait 6 months to get the Porsche Macan their orders . The reason , the Porsche factory production capacity was unable to meet the high interest of consumers .

Porsche - Tiger -2015

Porsche North America claimed that they now increase production capacity , of course, to reduce the duration of the pivot and maintain customer satisfaction and interest . Along with the statement , Tigers diesel version is rumored to be paved in the States later this year .

Launching Porsche Tigers in Indonesia

Since it was first launched globally , Porsche has sent 7241 units of the Tiger . They also have a target to sell 50,000 Tigers until 2018. However Porsche confident enough to claim that these figures could be achieved by 2015 , thanks to high interest and enhanced production capacity .

Well , more and more Tigers roam dong in the United States later .Porsche wallpaper  While Porsche Tiger population increases , what is reportedly a real tiger populations are increasingly rare huh ?

Honda CR - Z Stop Sales and Civic Hybrid in Australia

One more proof that the big brands do not guarantee good sales . Honda just stop selling the two line- ups of their hybrid cars in Australia , namely the Civic Hybrid and CR - Z with minimal reasons sale . That is , the car is equally unfortunate as the Honda Jazz Hybrid retired early first in Australia for the same reason , that did not sell .

With the retirement of Jazz Hybrid , Civic Hybrid and CR - Z , Honda Australia now had a model eco-friendly car again . Interestingly , the reason for the lack of sales of these cars in Australia something like the condition of Honda in Indonesia , the prices continue to rise until finally feels overpriced or overpriced .

Honda CR - Z Mugen version

Death Honda hybrid car in Australia is already predictable since 3 years ago . In 2012 , only 370 units of the CR - Z are sold and continued to decline to 58 units in 2013. For information , have very many Honda dealers in the world to stop selling the CR - Z is not so behavior .

Honda NSX -2015

wallpaper honda However , Honda Australia is still optimistic with their hybrid cars . Abolition of the Civic Hybrid and CR - Z from the list does not make the sale of the launch plan Honda Accord Hybrid and Honda NSX pushed back , let alone canceled . Honda Accord Hybrid which will compete with the Toyota Camry Hybrid will be introduced in the second quarter of 2015 , while the new NSX appeared in 2016 .

In Indonesia , the Honda CR - Z yesterday sold a total of 119 units during 2014. When this year increased , it is definitely the CR - Z will be maintained , but what Honda Prospect Motor will participate stop selling CR - Z if sales decline ? Ah , see.

Mercedes - Benz Indonesia Launches Mobile 5 Mass at IIMS 2014

Salute to the Mercedes - Benz Indonesia , because at IIMS this time , Mercedes - Benz is very intention in revealing their new cars . If other manufacturers just launched least 1 or 2 models alone , Mercedes - Benz became the most with the launch of five new cars at once at IIMS 2014. The five cars are the New CLS 400 AMG Dynamic , New C 200 and C 250 Avantgarde AMG , New GLA 200 Sport , New S 400 Exclusive of local assemblies and the E 63 AMG S.

Mercedes Benz - CLS - 400 - AMG - Dynamic

CLS Class may look minimal changes compared to previous versions , in addition to diamond grille design , new rims and bumpers are made ​​not to miss than his little brother , CLA - Class that has got the Mercedes-Benz design language of the current , so even with a fixed interior luxurious and comfortable . Real change is behind the hood , because it has embedded a new engine capacity of 2996 cc turbo with direct injection V6 capable of producing 333 HP at 5250-6000 rpm and 480 Nm at 1600-4000 rpm . With acceleration from 0-100 km / h in just 5.3 seconds , the CLS 400 AMG better than the CLS 350 has swing first . Although no frills AMG , CLS 400 AMG has not been able to compete with the CLS 63 AMG AMG which is true of the CLS -Class , but it is not wrong if you make it as a 4-door coupe penetrators speed limit .

Mercedes - Benz - C - 250 - AMG

The next one is the C 200 and C 250 Avantgarde AMG . Although both models are the same gets a new heart , unit 1991 cc 4 -cylinder turbo , but the output of the two machines are distinguished according caste . C 200 Avantgarde ' only ' got 184 HP and a torque of 300 Nm , while the C 250 AMG gifted more with 211 HP and 350 Nm . Interestingly, this machine also supports fuel efficiency by embedding feature the ECO Start / Stop which makes the engine off when the car stops and turns back on when the brake pedal is released , the following AGILITY SELECT to set the mode of driving with a choice of comfort , sport , sport + and efficient . The use of future-proof body construction is an interesting thing , because it makes the car lighter 50 kg but its power becomes greater .