Rabu, 28 Januari 2015

Honda CR - Z Stop Sales and Civic Hybrid in Australia

One more proof that the big brands do not guarantee good sales . Honda just stop selling the two line- ups of their hybrid cars in Australia , namely the Civic Hybrid and CR - Z with minimal reasons sale . That is , the car is equally unfortunate as the Honda Jazz Hybrid retired early first in Australia for the same reason , that did not sell .

With the retirement of Jazz Hybrid , Civic Hybrid and CR - Z , Honda Australia now had a model eco-friendly car again . Interestingly , the reason for the lack of sales of these cars in Australia something like the condition of Honda in Indonesia , the prices continue to rise until finally feels overpriced or overpriced .

Honda CR - Z Mugen version

Death Honda hybrid car in Australia is already predictable since 3 years ago . In 2012 , only 370 units of the CR - Z are sold and continued to decline to 58 units in 2013. For information , have very many Honda dealers in the world to stop selling the CR - Z is not so behavior .

Honda NSX -2015

wallpaper honda However , Honda Australia is still optimistic with their hybrid cars . Abolition of the Civic Hybrid and CR - Z from the list does not make the sale of the launch plan Honda Accord Hybrid and Honda NSX pushed back , let alone canceled . Honda Accord Hybrid which will compete with the Toyota Camry Hybrid will be introduced in the second quarter of 2015 , while the new NSX appeared in 2016 .

In Indonesia , the Honda CR - Z yesterday sold a total of 119 units during 2014. When this year increased , it is definitely the CR - Z will be maintained , but what Honda Prospect Motor will participate stop selling CR - Z if sales decline ? Ah , see.

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